TMS Pinspotters


The TMS Pinspotter is a great option if you are looking to provide bowling purely for fun and entertainment. In this case the TMS Pinspotter gives you authentic bowling fun with less operational complexity and costs than other pinspotter alternatives.

The TMS Pinspotter delivers:

• A Better Bowling Experience
• A Better Ownership Experience


The unique design and technology incorporated within TMS make the bowling experience on a TMS Pinspotter better and more exciting than on any other string pinspotter.

EXCLUSIVE Free-Flowing String Movement
The TMS is uniquely engineered to maximize string movement when pins are knocked down. Bowlers will thrill to the most explosive pin action possible.

EXCLUSIVE Tangle-Minimizing System
Proprietary “Anti-Tangle Pin Bushings” - together with efficient detangling software and hardware - reduce the occurrence of pin tangles. And those that do occur are more quickly resolved.

EXCLUSIVE CenterPunch Deck Lighting System*
Multicolored LED pin deck lighting illuminates the pins, enabling dazzling light show and other effects that stir more excitement and engagement amongst bowlers, especially when combined with the BES X Bowler Entertainment System.

EXCLUSIVE Shielded Pin Area
Protective covers create a dark area around the pins so the strings disappear from bowler sight and the vividness of the CenterPunch lighting effects is enhanced for more authentic and exhilarating bowling excitement.

When combined with QubicaAMF’s TCS system, if there is ever a stoppage in play staff are notified so they can respond quickly and bowlers are notified of progress through the scoring monitors– better response for a better consumer experience.

The TMS Pinspotter is easier and more economical for you and your
staff to operate than other string pinspotters.

Smart, Intuitive Machine Control
Located behind the machine for convenient access, the intuitive TMS controller puts all operational functions, settings and troubleshooting at your fingertips - making your operation easy.

Low Maintenance Design
A smart, low maintenance design means the TMS does not need dedicated, highly skilled technicians to keep it running. Most anyone on your staff can maintain it - so your business saves labor costs.

EXCLUSIVE Convenient Access
For efficient servicing, a ladder with handrails and a walkway provide convenient access to each machine pair. Also, a handy pin hook tool is provided to easily reach the pins for cleaning or to resolve pin tangles.

EXCLUSIVE Robust Construction
Count on the heavy-duty components used throughout, top quality drive systems and advanced electronics in TMS to deliver reliable and cost effective operation for many years to come.