Service & Support

Service & Support

At Bowltech International, we not only have a wide range of top quality products, but also provide service and support to our customers. Whether it relates to maintenance of your lanes, your lane machines, or technical malfunctions and failures, Bowltech International will assist you and provide the solution.

Repair & Exchange QubicaAMF

Have a monitor or chassis that needs repair, but don’t have the budget to purchase new? We understand. Bowltech International and QubicaAMF have a solution you’ll really appreciate, the Repair and Exchange program.

Instead of waiting for reparation of a defective (electronic) component, we will immediately send you a QubicaAMF remanufactured component. The returned defective component will then be carefully inspected, cleaned, repaired and made ready by QubicaAMF for the next Exchange application.

To increase the reliability and durability of the Exchange products, we look beyond the specific defect that is reported. This is why exchanged parts that have been checked by QubicaAMF qualified technicians are generally upgraded to the latest specifications. This is especially beneficial when exchanging older models of hard drives, batteries, cables, relays and communications chips for example.

Of course there still is the option to repair you own defective part if wished to do so.