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Lane Maintenance Machines

Whether you’re running a large or small bowling center, focusing on sport bowlers or recreational bowlers, at Bowltech we have lane maintenance machines that suit your exact needs.

Kegel IKON

The IKON is a battery powered combination lane machine (cleans and conditions) that incorporates Kegel's proven technology with the modern styling of the FLEX.

Technical Specifications:

  • Sanction Technology - Conditioning System
  • DUO Transfer System
  • Srayless Cleaning System
  • Touchscreen
  • The IKON PLC holds 15 patterns of your choice.

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Kegel IKON Bowltech

QubicaAMF EZ Touch

The EZ Touch lane maintenance machine is the ideal solution for bowling centers up to 16 lanes. The EZ Touch does everything necessary for good lane maintenance and for each type of bowler. With the Touch interface the machine is quick to set up and operate. Different oil patterns can be programmed. Finally, the lightweight design ensures that the machine is easy to move.

Technical specifications:

  • Cleans and prepares the lane in around 60 seconds
  • Choice of one or two runs
  • Touchscreen
  • Pre-programmed patterns oil
  • Lightweight design

Kegel FLEX - Kegel FLEX Walker

FLEX is the state-of-the-art and most advanced lane maintenance machine from Kegel.  The DUO Conditioning System combines Sanction Conditioning technology with dual conditioner tanks, making it the first lane maintenance machine that gives you the ability to easily use various conditioners, or even mix two compatible conditioners in one run.

The Kegel FLEX is also available in a 'Walker' edition, the only lane maintenance machine in the bowling industry that is able to autonomously clean the lanes and condition. The FLEX Walker moves itself from lane to lane and even bypasses obstacles on the approach. 

The machine is equipped with a modern design and is available in different colors.

Technical Specifications:

  • DUO Transfer System
  • Two (refillable) conditioner cartridges
  • Touch Screen
  • Batteries with longer life
  • Standard battery capacity to 40 lanes (upgradeable)
  • 30 patterns

Kegel Kustodian Plus

The Kustodian Plus features several modifications and improvements over the original Kustiodian machines. The machine is equipped with 'Sanction Conditioning’ technology and the ‘Sprayless Cleaning’system.

Technical specifications:

  • Cleans and prepares the lane in about 90 seconds
  • Large recovery tank for a more than 50 lane capacity
  • 6 speeds for improved pattern taper
  • Ability to only clean or only condition
  • Easy disposal of used Cleaner Cloth

Kegel Kustodian Ion Model B

The Kustodian ION Model B uses ‘Sanction Conditioning’ technology and the 'Sprayless Cleaning' system. The machine runs on batteries so problems with a cord will no longer be an issue.

Technical specifications:

  • Sanction Technology Conditioning System
  • Sprayless Cleaning System
  • Standard battery capacity of up to 40 lanes (upgradeable)
  • Cleans and prepares the lane in about 90 seconds
  • 6 speeds for improved pattern taper
  • Ability to only clean or only condition
  • Easy disposal of used Cleaner Cloth

Kegel Crossfire

The Kegel Crossfire is a compact, durable and highly functional lane maintenance machine, which makes use of Wick (pad) technology. Crossfire makes Kegel's unique lane maintenance technology accessible to smaller bowling centers.

Technical specifications:

  • Cleans and conditions the lane in about 80 seconds
  • Integrated keyboard for easy programming
  • 6 High-Flow Wick Pads 
  • Up to 12 lane Conditioning Capacity
  • Up to 32 lane Cleaner capacity
  • 3 drive speeds
  • Compact design

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