Center Supplies

Where do you go for everything that is needed in order to satisfy your bowlers and keep your bowling center in top condition? Bowltech International of course. From bowling pins to machine parts, rental shoes and house balls to shoe spray, we are your convenient one-stop-shop when it comes to center supplies.

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Among all the bowling centers, Bowltech has created a brand new Center Supplies brochure specially put together for the family entertainment centers. Because of their different focus group and strategy, we know that some products are more relevant than others. That's why we placed all the most suitable products in one easy and compact brochure to help these centers find exactly what they are looking for.

Please flip through the brochure and find the perfect products for your Family Entertainment Center.

Center Supplies - Family Entertainment Centers


  • Pins

    Without pins there is no bowling, so you need the best choices available. Bowltech International’s unique selection offers the ultimate in performance, durability and cost efficiency.


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  • House Balls

    Is your center in need of new bowling balls? At Bowltech you can choose between our Bowltech house balls or QubicaAMF house balls. Even some special designs.

  • Rental Shoes

    Whether you choose for Best Quality or Best Value, Bowltech offer the perfect rental shoes for every bowling center.

  • Pinspotter Parts

    Bowltech International has all the right parts in stock for standard pinspotter/pinsetter types, including QubicaAMF, Brunswick, and several string machines.

  • Other Center Supplies

    Everything else you may need for your bowling center you can also find at Bowltech. From Shoe Spray and bowling socks to Bowltech Party Packages and much more…