Invest in bowling

Why invest in bowling?

Simple. Throughout the years, the bowling business has proven to be a stable, predictable and profitable industry.

Bowling is a solid investment which can offer the following advantages:

  • ROI in less than four years
  • Operating cash flow up 40%
  • Largely resistant to economic fluctuations
  • A cash based business, reduced inventory levels and low debt risk

Bowling has universal appeal. For over 150 years bowling has been attractive for a number of unique and impressive reasons:

  • It's Easy! Bowling is accessible and easy to learn for young and old.
  • It's Fun! Children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens, of all ages enjoy having fun together  bowling, in one of the few activities where they have an equal chance to win!!
  • It's Social! Bowling combines the excitement and challenge of sport perfectly in a totally relaxed environment
  • It's Weatherproof:! Bowling can be played 365 days  …. whatever the weather!

Bowling has a high participation worldwide

These are the facts:

  • More than 100 million people worldwide go bowling at least once a year.
  • More than 210,000 bowling lanes are spread over 11,500 bowling centers worldwide.
  • Bowling is a destination activity
  • Bowling has an established reputation as a popular family leisure attraction as well as a healthy sporting activity, and  is considered an 'anchor business' within the leisure segment. Whether it's a traditional bowling center, a family entertainment center or a mixture of bowling, mini-bowling and other attractions, bowling provides a stable base to build your entertainment concept.

What can Bowltech do for you?

Over the years, Bowltech International has developed a unique network of manufacturers and suppliers, all of which are known for their innovative designs, advanced product functionality and undisputed quality standards. In the area of ​​Capital Equipment, we are a proud distributor and strategic partner of QubicaAMF.

Your investment in QubicaAMF Bowling Equipment will prove to be one of the most profitable decisions you may ever make, with added bonus of working with the experts at Bowltech International to explore the best options available to you. Our team of enthusiastic staff has a great affinity with the products we deliver, and with the bowling industry in general. Since 1986 we have built an organization that will assist you with the right expertise at every stage of the investment, concept development and implementation. Afterwards Bowltech International will continue to be your long term business partner through our professional after sales team, service support and the best product portfolio to maintain the daily operations of your bowling center. We help you effectively from A to Z, from concept development to the opening of your center; the experts of Bowltech are by your side.

Bowltech Concepts

There are many ways to shape your center, depending on your budget, your business goals, your own taste and preferences. For example, the specific target group(s) you are trying to reach. With QubicaAMF Equipment the possibilities are endless.

Next to a traditional bowling center, where bowling is the core business and therefore the main source of income, there is the option to integrate bowling in concepts where the emphasis is more on other business activities. Such examples are Family Entertainment Centers (FEC), with a wide range of attractions such as laser games and go-karting or so-called 'Boutique Centers’ where bowling, (live) music and socializing are combined into a hip and energetic environment.

Whether you're considering a traditional bowling center , a FEC or a totally new concept, Bowltech International will assist you to turn your dream concept into reality..

Bowling Equipment

With the Bowling Equipment and Software Solutions from QubicaAMF (the bowling industry leader and innovator), we can offer you everything you need in order to achieve your perfect bowling center.


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