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Mini Bowling

Bowling has become an anchor for amusement and Family Entertainment Centers. Give your business a boost by adding a bowling attraction that is designed to fit your existing space and business model. With multiple themes and options available to create a customized look, mini bowling is fun, social, easy to maintain, enjoyable for all ages—and a great way to grow your party business.

What makes mini bowling so appealing?

Mini bowling offers all the excitement of traditional bowling in a scaled-down version that fits your existing space and business model, serving as a beacon for all types of customers.

It's Fun

With mini bowling, kids, families, teens, young adults, adults, even seniors can join in have a great time.

It’s Social

Mini bowling helps people connect with one another, creating lasting memories.

It's Comfortable And Suits All Ages

Mini bowling features a small, easy-to-handle ball, and requires no special shoes or other equipment.

It’s Great For Groups And Team-Building

Mini bowling gives you the ability to put up to 10 people together on the same lane—for lots of healthy competition.

It’s Easy To Maintain

QubicaAMF mini bowling solutions need no lane conditioning, special oils, nor a dedicated technician.
Plus, they offer state-of-the-art detangling with the TMS String Machine.


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