Scoring & Management Systems

BES X Ultimate

Having fun is the main reason why your guests come to bowl. Traditional scoring systems don’t adapt to the individual tastes of different customer segments. Only QubicaAMF’s BES X gives you the widest and most innovative variety of on-lane entertainment options anywhere—maximizing your ability to satisfy each and every one of your customers, maximizing on lane fun.

BES X Ultimate is the most extended version of the BES X Scoring System. Including:

  • MAD Games
  • YouToons,
  • Themed 'Birthday Environment' for children
  • 18 Scoring Grid Environments with more than 1000 High Definition animations and 23 Special Games
  • A Facebook Interface allows the bowler to be able to log on to his own Facebook page while on the lanes to share the fun in your bowling center with the world

QScore Scoring System

With QScore you can enjoy the power, versatility and reliability of QubicaAMF scoring systems. QScore uses only non-moving parts (flash memory), making problems with hard disks or fans a thing of the past.

The QScore Bundle offers a great combination of tools to lift the entertainment experience of your bowlers to a higher level. QScore contains more than 400 attractive animations, a special set of birthday animations for children, Signature Scoring Grid, 6 Classic Games and two Special Games. QScore’s flexibility also ensures an easy upgrade to the premium BES X system for when the time is right.

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