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SPL II lanes

After about 20 years, old wooden lanes can start to present real problems for a bowling center.  First, they simply look bad, with feathering, oil soaking, ball dents, broken boards and more.  With the ever increasing cost of re-surfacing, lane coatings, and even patching, wooden lanes have become uneconomical.  Additionally, as they become thinner over the years they lose their structural integrity.

Even the “first generation” synthetic lanes present their own set of issues. Not only are they starting to show their age (wearing out and losing their clean appearance and color), but it is almost impossible to find replacement panels, let alone repair them.  The worn out lane surface doesn’t hold oil patterns well and the textured approaches create inconsistent lane conditions—having a negative impact on scoring performance.

 SPL II lanes from QubicaAMF solve many of today’s most critical bowling center needs:

  • The world's most durable lane system: SPL II lanes last longer and cost less to own, leaving you with more money to drive your business.
  • Exclusive Overlap Pin Deck: Now, the pin deck can't shift position over time and become damaged from balls and pins.
  • Best Panel Configuration: With SPL II, there are no joints in the ball impact zone or bowler slide area—for a longer lasting, more trouble-free lane.
  • Exclusive Highest Surface Energy & Friction: An exclusive Brush Finish surface holds oil patterns better than anything else on the market. With the surface friction balls react better on the SPL II lane surface, leading to better scores and more satisfied players.
  • Exclusive UltraSlide Textured Approach: The surface roughness of UltraSlide makes for better sliding and fewer issues with sticky approaches.

The rich authentic maple wood look and sleek Glow Track effect of SPL II Lanes will make your center more attractive to today’s consumers.



Mad lanes – the coolest lanes on earth

The QubicaAMF MAD Lane Overlay is available in six exciting colors and two unique glow-in-the-dark patterns. MAD Lanes are designed to provide the perfect complement to your Harmony Furniture, Ball Returns and Masking Units.

MAD Lanes combine remarkable durability with a high scoring potential. As with all SPL II lanes, the first joint in a MAD lane is out of the normal ball impact zone, minimizing the chance of joint separation and also use the exclusive overlap pin deck design.

White lanes – designed exclusively for Bowltech

White Lanes have been specially developed for Bowltech by QubicaAMF and are a feast for the eyes. In combination with additional LED lighting above the lanes, customers can experience all the colors of the rainbow.

White Lanes combine remarkable durability with a high scoring potential.  White Lanes have the same SPL II benefits of the overlapping pindeck, as well as the panel joints being in the optimum locations. The White Lane package comes complete with subway track return , sub-foundation materials, , pindecks, flat gutters, and all cappings and cover boards.

Bumpers - DuraBowl automatic bumper system

DuraBowl automatic bumper gutters can improve the game experience of your customers. By selecting which bowlers (especially the younger ones) need a little “protection” from the balls falling in the gutters, you can create a level playing field. DuraBowl is fully interfaced with the BES-X scoring system.

Capping & Coverboard - Xtreme Lighted Capping

As a further enhancement to the bowling experience, offer your customers the additional excitement of including Xtreme Lighting along the lengths of the bowling lanes. The effects, whether linked to sound, or simply programmed, are eye-openingly spectacular!

Foullight Detectors – Radaray Plus foul line detector

The Radaray Plus is one of the most established and cost-effective foul detectors on the market. The Radaray Plus is equipped with an LED warning light and an audible alarm is designed for years of reliable performance, and thereby enhances the sporting value of your center.

Foullight Detectors - Radaray XLi foul line detector

The Radaray XLi has all the benefits of the Radaray Plus. In addition, the XLi Radaray has a unique feature, the detector can be set to have an audible alarm to sound only for recreational bowlers. The perfect solution to alert your customers without affecting their score!



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